Indie Rock Trio Last Dinosaurs Share New Single ‘Keys To Your Civic’

Indie rock trio Last Dinosaurs is gearing up for another thrilling release, following the success of their November EP, RYU. The band announced their upcoming EP, KYO, set to drop on April 5th.

The trio, consisting of brothers Lachlan and Sean Caskey along with Michael Sloane, is known for their energetic sound that has captivated audiences worldwide.

The latest single, “Keys To Your Civic,” takes a playful jab at commercialism. Lachlan Caskey, now the primary songwriter, explains that the song is a romantic tale cleverly disguised as a marketing ploy for a Honda product. The track continues the narrative introduced in their previous release, “N.P.D,” delving into the story of an egocentric character, creating a sci-fi dystopian dreamworld with fast-paced tempos and otherworldly guitars.

In addition to the music, Last Dinosaurs is set to immerse fans further into their dystopian universe with an accompanying manga-style comic book created by artist Chris Yee. The comic intricately details the storyline of the EP, offering fans a visual feast to complement the auditory experience.

Last Dinosaurs, despite their Australian roots, consider themselves an international force in the indie rock scene. With a track record that includes sold-out headlining shows and festivals across continents, their success has been propelled by studio albums like In a Million Years, Wellness, and Yumeno Garden.

The band has graced notable festivals such as Lollapalooza and Corona Capital, sharing stages with artists like Florence + the Machine and Foster the People.

The recent releases, RYU and the upcoming KYO, mark a departure into a cosmic adventure through time and space. The band’s unique narrative style presents a post-apocalyptic tale that explores themes of egocentrism and greed, providing listeners with a thought-provoking musical journey.

As Last Dinosaurs continues to evolve their sound and storytelling, their latest single “Keys To Your Civic” serves as a captivating teaser for what’s to come in their upcoming EP, KYO. Fans can pre-save KYO and dive into the sci-fi world crafted by the band.

Listen to “Keys To Your Civic” below!


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