Duran Lantink Unveils Daring Fall/Winter 2024 Collection at Paris Fashion Week

In a fusion of avant-garde design and sustainable ethos, Duran Lantink presented the Fall/Winter 2024 Collection, aptly named ‘DURAN-SKI’ at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. Held at the iconic Palais de Tokyo, the show transported attendees into a world where luxury winter sport meets cutting-edge fashion.

Drawing inspiration from the leisurely lifestyle surrounding winter sports, particularly skiing, Duran Lantink’s FW24 collection is a testament to creativity and conscious fashion. The brand’s skiers effortlessly transition from slopes to après ski gatherings, donning garments that seamlessly blend power-dressing with playful elements.

Lantink’s commitment to sustainability shines through as the collection boasts sumptuous materials sourced from a mix of deadstock, vintage garments, and innovative, eco-friendly fabrics like recycled lycra and wool. This conscientious approach reflects the brand’s dedication to responsible fashion practices while maintaining a luxurious aesthetic.

A hallmark of Duran Lantink’s design philosophy is the exploration of shape and form, evident throughout the FW24 collection. Collaborating with the Netherlands-based Knitwear Lab, the brand pushes boundaries with exaggerated volumes in knitwear and outerwear.

Shoulder-bulging bodysuits, unitards, and spliced spencers take center stage, inspired by the distinctive attire of Dutch firefighters from the 1970s. Outerwear offerings include reimagined puffer jackets transformed into cropped twinsets, shearling jackets crafted from discarded sheepskin, and hybrid designs incorporating vintage pieces from esteemed fashion houses like Loewe and Margiela.

While embracing avant-garde concepts, Duran Lantink ensures wearability remains a priority in the FW24 collection. Clean cuts and sharply tailored suits juxtapose exaggerated proportions, offering essential pieces with unexpected twists. The reinterpretation of power forms from the 80s, characterized by wide, forward-facing shoulders, adds a contemporary edge to classic silhouettes.

Founder Duran Lantink emphasizes the importance of shaping forms to enhance wearability, underscoring the brand’s commitment to creating fashion-forward yet accessible pieces. “This season was about shaping the forms to give them the idea of being wearable,” explains Lantink. “I want to create essential items that are unexpected.”

With exclusive creations available at Dover Street Market stores worldwide, Duran Lantink continues to captivate a global audience with its bold and visionary approach to fashion. As the fashion world eagerly awaits Duran Lantink’s next achievements, the Fall/Winter 2024 Collection demonstrates the brand’s ability to challenge conventions, inspire, and redefine the intersection of art and fashion.


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