International Hip-Hop Duo Otomodatchi Release New Single ‘Pills Chills Shakes’

The hip hop duo Otomodatchi, comprised of American rapper Jyodan and Japanese singer Amiide, has just released their debut single, “Pills Chills Shakes“. The track features an infectious beat and dynamic vocal performances from both artists. The duo came together in Tokyo before branching out to London and Los Angeles.

Produced by Toronto-based artist HMLT, “Pills Chills Shakes” showcases Amiide’s silky smooth voice and Jyodan’s unique rap style, drawing comparisons to Syd (The Internet) and Anderson Paak. Despite only officially joining forces in 2022, the two first met back in 2016 and were previously members of the band CIRRRCLE, which disbanded in 2020.

“Better Miss Me”, the lead single from Amiide’s solo CD From The Top, was played on BBC 1Xtra in the UK. Jyodan, who currently resides in Los Angeles, and Amiide, based in London, continue to collaborate and push the boundaries of alternative hip hop and R&B.

In “Pills Chills Shakes”, Jyodan reflects on his experiences with substance use after moving to LA, stating, “I wrote the song because I was exposed to a lot of new substances when I moved to LA. I’m no stranger to things like codeine and weed but seeing how everyone is so dependent on something, be it weed or alcohol, to feel normal really opened my eyes“.

Listen to “Pills Chills Shakes” by Otomodatchi below and be sure to keep an eye out for future releases from this exciting new duo


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