Los Angeles R&B Artist Coline Creuzot Unveils New Single ‘Nothing’

Los Angeles R&B artist Coline Creuzot recently released a new song titled “Nothing“. The song is a powerful and musically rich performance that highlights the beauty of rediscovering oneself after a separation, with an attractive and rude message to the man who hurt her heart.

The song showcases Coline’s impressive vocal range and writing skills over gritty rhythms and powerful singing, creating an immersive audio experience for the listeners. The interaction of stylistic harmonics, dazzling drums, and granulose texture in the background adds to the overall vibe of the song.

Born and raised in Houston, Coline developed a passion for the arts from a young age and has collaborated with some of H-Town’s biggest artists, including Slim Thug, Lil Keke, Z-Ro, and Paul Wall. Her music has been praised by critics, and her dynamic personality and love for music are evident in her performances.

Coline has worked with renowned composer Happy Perez, with whom she created the hit song “Give and Take“. The song reached number one on the Houston Radio Charts, and the two continued to work together on another song called “Sometimes“, which was released in 2021.

In addition to her music career, Coline has also ventured into modeling and beauty possibilities, joining the BH Talent agency in early 2020. She released her album Unplugged in 2021, featuring live, stripped-down renditions of some of her most popular tracks.

In 2022, Coline released two more songs, “That Feeling” and “For Love“, both of which reached the top of the Billboard list. “Nothing” is the first song from her upcoming EP, set to be released in 2023.

Listen to the single below:


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