International Modest Fashion Week In Full Swing In Turkey | Fashion News



International Modest Fashion Week opened in Istanbul, Turkey this week. The new event aims to showcase seventy designers presenting conservative wear; two-thirds of women wear a headscarf in Turkey. The online retailer of Muslim fashion, Modanisa is hosting the event at a railway stain equipped with catwalk spotlights.




Conservative wear is growing in popularity in the fashion sphere and business is expected to grow by $327 billion by the year 2020. The show marks the rise in designer labels catering to the Muslim market by releasing stylish headscarves.




The shows have so far displayed gowns, floral dresses, tunics, head scarves and turbans from textiles of silk and cotton. Kerim Ture, Modanisa CEO said in a statement: “[We want] to create mainstream fashion out of modest fashion and to energise Islamic communities to produce [clothing] for Muslim women,…They want to have their rules but they also want to look chic”.





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