INXS Guitarist Tim Farris Suffers Career Threatening Injury | Music News


Tim Farris, lead guitarist of INXS, has suffered an injury which could seriously detriment his musical practice and career. It emerged yesterday that his finger is permanently severed after a boating accident in Sydney saw him catch his left hand in a winch. Following two unsuccessful attempts by surgeons to reattach the finger, Farriss has been left with permanent damage to the hand.


BBC News reports that in an email to his brothers and band mates, he described the situation as “horrific“. Local media have quoted him as saying “I don’t know if I will be able to play properly again“. The guitar maestro is now back home, receiving regular physio treatment in an attempt to improve the movement in his hand. Despite the band’s official retirement in 2012, their Very Best album was Australia’s best selling record in 2014. The injury is a tragedy for the band’s lead guitarist who has given the music world hits such as “Suicide Blonde” and “Never Tear Us Apart“.



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