Irish Artist ROE Shares Relatable New Single ‘I Can Change’

Derry based Irish artist ROE has released her new track titled “I Can Change”.

The artist has the particularity to harmonize contractional things, she is able to share soft vibes but at the same time important strengths, her songs are both exposed and powerful, her vocals are loving while her words are straightforward.

ROE quitted college to focus on travelling the world and spending good time at festivals without forgetting to write her own songs about important subjects.

The EP Things We Don’t Talk received a lot of support from the audience, reaching 1 million streams on Spotify, resulted of hard works and late nights devoted to writing, releasing and touring.

ROE has already shared half of the singles present on the highly anticipated 6-tracks debut album That’s When The Panic Sets In, including “I Dare You” and “A Temporary Thing”, and now the newly “I Can Change”.

The song introduces itself as an indie-pop track about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time making it a frank, brilliant and piercing piece of music which towards everyone can relate.

Speaking about the inspiration for “I Can Change”, the artist states “Every now and then I lie awake at night feeling guilty about something that happened 5 years ago, or thinking about what I should have said instead of what actually came out of my mouth. This song is about an irrational need to please everyone and the gut-wrenching anxiety I get from being human.

Listen to “I Can Change” here:


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