London Artist And Guitarist Ned Moss Unveils New Track ‘In Dreams’

London based singer-songwriter and guitarist Ned Moss has unveiled his new song titled “In Dreams”.

Schooled at Purcell School of Music for 7 Years, the young London based guitarist has chosen to follow the path of building the foundations of a prominent career as an artist.

Taking inspiration from some memorable artists such as John Mayer, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, Ned Moss has known how to establish himself on the London scene.

The young guitarist style is a mix of country, blues and pop which led to share genuine essential meaning and loving feelings with the audience.

Ned started writing at a young age while being enrolled at Purcell School of Music, his song writing skills and music crafts quickly improved.

During the past years, the singer took the opportunity to collaborate with other artists attracted by his personal, unusual and trademark signature.

Recently shared, the artist speaks about the meaning and the creation behind new single “In Dreams”, “In Dreams tells the story of a man stuck in a monotonous daily regime in which his only escape comes from his dreams. Tinged with 80s synths and 00s hooks, this song makes a perfect fit for songwriter anthems and modern retro playlists.

An upcoming EP had already been mentioned, being the next major project proposed by Ned Moss, enough to keep the listeners in touch.

Listen to “In Dreams” here:


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