Irish Artist Young Rooney Speaks Honestly On New Single ‘Over Now’

For four years now, rapper-producer Young Rooney has been producing and recording tracks from his home city Galway in Ireland. His new track titled “Over Now” is out now!

Young Rooney’s creativity objective had always been focused on self-growth and discovery. Eminem, J Cole and Drake music had significantly impacted Rooney to introduce the darkness of Hip/Hop to his mainland Ireland which is not familiar with this kind of music.

The artist has found in the imaginative world, a way to break free from the community stress and the normality of the daily life, while giving him the chance to give voice to his inner self openly and without restraints. Starting his journey in producing, Young Rooney had been designated the rise of his music to retrace his odyssey.

A genuine and sincere tone is the path of how the lyrics of “Over Now” are transcribed about a self-reflection. Additionally, with the focus on lyrics and the passionate flow, the track goes to the essential with old school vibes which is reminiscent of J Cole songs.

“Over Now” marked the first collaboration between Young Rooney and Lucas Quinn who is in charge of producing the track. According to Young Rooney, “It’s an honest track, nothing fancy just writing from the heart and something I’ll use as a reference point to look back on in a few years“.

Listen to “Over Now” here:


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