Irish Ghanaian Songstress Winnie Ama Unveils New Single ‘Here I Go’

Winnie Ama, the Belfast-born Irish Ghanaian singer and songwriter, is back with an electronic pop song titled “Here I Go“.

In 2019, she gained popularity with her first release “I Swear” featuring Francis Groove, the song placed #7 in the UK Urban Club Charts.

The same year, Winnie wrote “Can’t Wait” still with Francis Groove and reached #1 in Music Week’s Urban Club Charts and #15 in the Pop Commercial Club Charts.

Her upbeat new song “Here I Go”, produced by Simon Le Saint, wants to help you find the best version of yourself. The song wants to build you and show you the strengths that you ignore, about which you need to be proud. But also, Winnie wants to make you figure out the identity of people who lead you to the person you are today.

Speaking about the inspiration for “Here I Go”, Winnie Ama says, “I have tendency to be quite suspicious and I question things, I question myself a lot, especially when it’s to do with what I want or feel […] I would get extremely anxious if a teacher ever said my name […] my biggest dream was to be like a Vulcan from ‘Star Trek’ so that I could be truly in control of every emotion”.

She dedicates this song to “all the people who spoke out when they saw something that they liked in my personality”.

Listen to “Here I Go” here:


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