Irish Duo Firm City Unveil New Single ‘Slew’

Irish dup Firm City have released their new single “Slew” and accompanying video. The story behind “Slew” is basically about cleansing ourselves from the feelings of dissociation and isolation that might face us after a traumatic experience, but let’s get to know more about Firm City first.

Firm City is a band that originated from Dublin. Its members are Matthew Cullen and Sean Reilly who were brought together at a young page by their passion for music and film.

Now working in Dublin and Berlin as well, the band now combine modern technological and electronic music together to ultimately produce a new wave in an attempt to create a sound that travels beyond the traditional pop music.

Now let’s delve a bit more deeper into the single. The song title might sound a bit foreign to some, but that’s only because it’s derived from an old Irish word “slúag” which means host, crowd or assembly.

The band got the inspiration for “Slew” from a simple journal entry. It was a simple call-out for the defence from the slúag of the unsettling event which occurred as the protagonist slept.

The video is mostly about the intimacy found in isolation. It is directed by filmmaker Danyal Fox. It’s clear throughout that the music video was filmed late at night as the two characters in the video were roaming around the empty dark streets.

Watch the video for “Slew” here:


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