Irish Singer Honas Releases New Indie Pop Track ‘Cash Machine’ | Music News


Cash Machine” is the third single in the space of three months from newcomer Honas from Ireland. The Indie Pop/Rock track with electronic influences hit on all platforms on July 10. Honas is already known in Irelands’s music scene.


He has enjoyed radio coverage on BBC Northern Ireland and various regional stations. Furthermore he has amassed over 400,000 total streams on Spotify and his previous songs has made it into popular playlists. Before his solo-career he was part of the indie-group Orchid Collective.


They’ve played every major festival in Ireland. Back then he has already wanted to release his own music. After years of song writing and exploring different sounds Honas had started working with producer Adam Redmond and evolved the final sound for his solo career.



Honas spent 4 years doing a Commercial Modern Music degree. “Cash Machine” describes his fears and hysterical realizations after college. After graduation his old friends came out with degrees in Law, Engineering or Physiotherapy. They immediately knew what to do after college.


The next steps were quite clear for them. But what do you do with a music degree?” Honas states out. He found himself working in jobs he hated and only did to afford his life. “I went through long spells of not finding time or energy to put into music“ he explains. “Cash Machine” expresses this unfulfilled expectations.


In the lyrics, Honas sings “Kill another hour, kill another day” while the music delivers an upbeat melody with pulsating synth bass, muted guitars, and a joyful chorus of voices. “It was an attempt to poke a little bit of fun, to distract from that sense of doom that can creep in“, he explains.


“Cash Maschine” points out a funny side to a ridiculous situation. The song delivers a fresh Alt-Pop sound with electronic influences and qualities of a traditional singer-songwriter style. Listen to the song below.




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