Irish Singer Roe Releases Musical Journey To Overcoming Insecurity On ‘Alarms’

Irish singer Roe gives the word ‘candid’ a completely new definition with her new song “Alarms” – a romantic melody made of Roe’s incredible voice and a gentle touch of drums and guitars.

This is not the first time the singer chooses to address her audience with the use of soft rhythms. However, not too hidden behind this innocent style we can easily spot strength and power.

A direct and clear way to talk about life complex topics, showing off a level of vulnerability that makes people trust her.

Roe is a talented artist, who’s independent career has been established over the years, thanks to her willingness to do more and more, never giving up.

She left college to play festival in Europe and North America but also to focus on song writing. A difficult but satisfying path that in 2017, brought her to receive a coveted slot on BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury.

In 2018, Roe received the PRS Foundation Momentum Fund and she won the Best Emerging Artist – Northern Ireland Music Prize. Finally, in 2020 the artist released her EP Things We Don’t Talk About, which reached 1 million streams on Spotify.

Now, Roe is back with her exciting debut album That’s When The Panic Sets In, which feature 12 introspective and joyous tracks, among which we find “Alarms”. This new song mixes indie and folk vibes, reflecting Roe’s style and discussing themes of disappointment and overcoming insecurity.

Commenting on “Alarms”, Roe reveals how special this song is.

We were halfway through recording my album when I wrote “Alarms” and immediately knew it needed to be how the  record ended.  I think this song speaks for itself so I don’t want to ruin it with any kind of possible explanation. All that I will say is that it’s the song on That’s When The Panic Sets In that means the most to me, and getting to sing on it with some of my best friends was one of the most fulfilling experiences ever“.

Listen to “Alarms” on Spotify below.


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