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Soon or later, it will become official that the Indiana Jones franchise will be rebooted and that Chris Pratt will be the most likely candidate to replace Harrison Ford as the iconic archeologist/action hero. However the idea to bring back the franchise could potentially be problematic as it contradicts the origins and purpose of the original franchise and what is was intentionally designed for in the first place.


Indiana Jones was built on the principle of preserving classic cinema and referencing back to the golden age of Hollywood, an objective it successfully achieved in the 1980s with Ford acting as the ideal Hollywood leading man. But times have changed since the 1980s and the modern movie industry has soon become saturated by special effects with big budget science fiction and comic book franchises dominating the silver screen. Indiana Jones holds no significance to 21st century cinema with its old fashioned hollywood themes such as sexist foreplay and racial steroetypes, instead it is a nod back to the glorified past but does not represent any relevance to the film culture that is so prominent in the year 2015.


Modernizing the Indiana Jones franchise would not be a wise alternative and would most likely be considered sacrilege, as the franchise is already popular with a large number of loyal fans. The only option available is for Steven Spielberg and Walt Disney to accept that Indiana Jones belongs in the past and any chance of revitalizing the ageing franchise will be counter productive and may eventually lead to a negative conclusion.


The necessity to bring the Indiana Jones franchise back onto the screen does not exist, as the franchise has nothing new to offer, that is culturally interlinked with the present, instead it is a re-run of stereotypical cliches that are neither intellectual or logical but always result in the same happy endings that you often find in fairytale books rather than in reality.


You could say this argument doesn’t hold itself together. This is because comic book films are also popular and they too follow the same structure as Indiana Joneshowever there is a slight difference between comic book films and the films of Indiana Jones. In comic book related movies, the hero always had the ability to be more dramatic in their performances as well as invest in a much more darker side to their personality.


On the other hand, Indie is unable to do this and still remains the classic hollywood archetype which were once prolific in 1950s and 60s motion picture, but holds no significance in the modern era and is no longer relatable to a new generation of young educated viewers. The flaws of such a character would’ve escaped the viewers of the 80s but the new audience of 2015 are much more vigilant with a keen eye for detail.



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