Benicio Del Toro Scouted For ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Villain Role | Film News


It is being reported that Benicio Del Toro is being considered to play the villain in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII. This is not the first time that Benicio Del Toro has been under the radar to play a large-scale Sci-Fi villain. A couple of years ago, Del Toro was scouted for, and walked away from, the role of Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness – a role that was later filled by Benedict Cumberbatch.


Star Wars: Episode VIII is being written and directed by Rian Johnson, who brought us Looper and Brick. It has also been reported that this role was previously offered to Joaquin Phoenix, who opted not to accept – leaving Benicio Del Toro hot on their list of priority stars. With limited inside information to The Force Awakens, we have little in the way of knowing who will return for Episode VIII from the main cast. Production is set to start early next year, for a 26th May 2017 release.



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