Issara Offers Harmonious Culture And Genre Blends In Soulful New Single ‘Home’

Emerging artist Issara, with a tapestry of multicultural influences, has announced the release of her soul-stirring single “Home“, a precursor to her debut album 222 slated for February 22, 2024. Blending an eclectic mix of genres, Issara’s music is a reflection of her rich heritage, born in Bangkok to a Thai father and French mother and raised in Seattle.

“Home” is described by Issara as a “cozy, nostalgic ballad with a gospel spark,” emphasizing themes of love and enduring friendship. The song resonates with Issara’s personal experiences of finding ‘home’ in people rather than places, owing to her globe-trotting life. The gospel elements pay homage to her American church roots, where her musical journey began at the tender age of three.

Issara’s musical style marries soul, pop, rock, gospel, French yéyé, and Thai funk, showcasing her versatility as an artist. Her early career saw her collaborating with renowned producers and artists such as Illoquint, Jonny Durango, Emilio Santiago, and MC Solaar. Her talents have taken her to stages shared with the Earth Wind and Fire Experience and performances at notable festivals like Papillons de Nuit and Rock in Evreux.

Lionsground Entertainment praises Issara for her ability to infuse a unique style into the soul genre, stating, “In a world where music genres constantly evolve, it’s refreshing to see an artist like Issara, who infuses her unique style into the timeless genre of Soul.”

Balancing her career with motherhood, Issara is an inspiring figure for those chasing their dreams later in life. The anticipation for her debut studio album, produced by Jack Bowman, is building, as audiences await more of her emotionally rich and soulful music.

“Home” not only promises to be a showcase of Issara’s vocal prowess and storytelling but also stands as a beacon of her artistic identity, ready to leave a significant imprint in the music world.

Listen to “Home” below!


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