Trinidadian American Musician And Songwriter Bryce Drew Unveils New Single ‘That Dress’

The music scene welcomes a fresh and promising talent, Bryce Drew, an LA-based musician and songwriter, who has recently released her golden-hazed new single “That Dress.” This track, produced by the multi GRAMMY-winner Greg Wells, symbolizes the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Bryce, leading up to her debut project set for release in 2024.

Bryce Drew, a Trinidadian-American artist, is inspired by legendary voices such as Amy Winehouse, Roberta Flack, Joni Mitchell, and Lauryn Hill. Her artistry shines through her reflective songwriting and soothing vocals, capturing complex emotions while offering a warm, reassuring embrace.

The single “That Dress” embodies these elements, intertwining empowerment, confidence, and self-worth in its narrative. As Bryce Drew explains, the song is more than just about a dress; it’s about the emotions and stories that our clothes hold, emphasizing the importance of dressing for oneself and not for others.

Greg Wells, a celebrated producer known for his work with Adele, Taylor Swift, and OneRepublic, praised Bryce’s talents, affirming her as one of the most exciting new artists he has come across. He was particularly struck by her gentle wisdom in lyrics and funky soulfulness in singing.

The music video for “That Dress,” directed by Chase Denton, with editing by Chase Denton and Bryce Drew, showcases Drew’s artistic vision and emotional depth. The video features art direction by Sarah Corbett Woods, hair and makeup by Mira Gonzalez, lighting by Kevin Cecil, and production by Frank Paris.

Bryce Drew’s journey in music is deeply personal and rooted in her family’s background. With a Trinidad native mom and a grandfather who played steel pan, she grew up in a musically enriched environment. Bryce sang in choir groups and played the acoustic guitar from a young age, discovering the healing power of music through personal experiences, particularly with her grandmother suffering from Alzheimer’s.

With her rich, honeyed vocals and imaginative guitar style, Bryce Drew creates an emotional landscape that resonates with listeners. Her music is a blend of emotive ballads and rhythmic pop anthems, carrying the heartbeat of her roots and familial connection to music.

Bryce Drew has already garnered support from prestigious platforms such as American Songwriter, NPR, Spotify’s Fresh Finds, and Apple Music’s New In Pop. Having shared stages with artists like Zoe Wees, Dylan Conrique, and Nina Nesbitt, Bryce Drew is rapidly making her mark in the music industry.

Listeners can immerse themselves in the nostalgic and emotive world of Bryce Drew by checking out her new single “That Dress” and its accompanying music video here!


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