Italia Ricci To Star In Netflix Sci-Fi Drama Series ‘The Imperfects’ | TV News


Canadian actress Italia Ricci is set to play in the Netflix series The Imperfects, the series is reported to have been ordered to make 10 episodes for the streaming service. It is the latest for Netflix from Nomadic Pictures and follows The Order, Wu Assassins and The I-Land.


Regarding the premises, The Imperfects is a story about a company making a scientific experiment but after this experiment, the genes put into the bodies turn them into monsters, three twenty-somethings band together to hunt down the scientist responsible and force him to make them human again.


Italia Ricci who has played in Designated Survivor will star and play the lead role as Dr. Sydney Burke, an amazing scientist looking for a brighter future and trying to fix her past mistakes, both professional and personal. So she is going to do so by allying with Abbi played by Rhianna Jagpal from Charmed.


Other characters like Juan with Iñaki Godoy from recent series Who Killed Sara? and Tilda played by Morgan Taylor Campbell are part of the cast. They will be playing the scientists who were part of the experiment and went to track down the scientist responsible for their grim fates.


The all-star cast continues with Rhys Nicholson playing Dr. Alex Sarkov, a scientist who refuses to let anyone stop him from his goal of rewriting the human genes. Including Celina Martin as a test subject and Kyra Zagorsky as a rival Isabel Finch tasked with finding Sarkov.


The series was written by Heaton and Eriksen and with Chad Oakes and Michael Frislev for Nomadic Pictures, that will serve as the studio for the production of the series. We do not any conformation on the release date or any trailers just yet.



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