Italian American Singer Cristina Lizzul Unveils New Single ‘Ragazza Facile’

Italian-American singer and songwriter Cristina Lizzul is challenging conventional perspectives of femininity with her new single, “Ragazza Facile”.

Known for her soulful R&B style, Lizzul is introducing her native Italian and Neapolitan dialect in this latest release. The singer aims to carve a niche in Italy’s R&B/Soul market, blending cultural elements to create a unique R&B/Soul/Trap sound.

“Ragazza Facile”, meaning “Easy Girl”, is the first in a series of Neapolitan-American singles leading up to the release of Lizzul’s EP in the coming months.

The singer’s concept projects revolve around womanhood, sexuality, vulnerability, and power, exploring the complexity and trauma of societal expectations on women.

Through her music, Lizzul presents a fresh perspective on femininity, portraying a multi-dimensional woman capable of reconciling opposing elements of her identity.

The single is a Neapolitan rendition of the record “Easy Girl” released last year. It addresses the traumatic impact of a man’s disregard for a woman’s intellect and emotional depth when she’s solely viewed through the lens of sexual objectification.

Lizzul’s message is clear: being sensual or choosing to be “easy” for a night does not strip a woman of her humanity. The song is rife with metaphors both visually and lyrically.

It depicts a woman in black funeral attire, embracing her sacredness through artistic expression and acknowledging the societal ‘sin’ that has stained her body.

Born in San Diego, California, and raised in Naples, Italy, Cristina Lizzul has earned millions of independent streams while collaborating with eminent European pop/dance producers like LDRU, Partyfavor, Kharfi, Glaceo, Rammor, Vibe Chemistry, and Luis Rodriguez, amongst others.

Her impressive repertoire includes releases under Ultra Records, Soave, Tribal Trap, Warner Music Australia, Atlast, and Splice.

Lizzul’s vocal packs have been charting as some of Splice’s most downloaded sample packs, making her the first Italian singer to release a vocal pack on the highly selective platform.

Her samples have found their way onto Warner Music Australia and Ultra Records, with her song “Bad Intentions”, performed by Alice Aera, securing a sync deal for a Oneplus phone commercial.

As Lizzul prepares for her “Napoli-American” rebranded debut album release, fans can expect a vibrant blend of Neapolitan, English, and Italian in an R&B, jazzy, hip-hop, pop fusion, reminiscent of artists like Kali Uchis, Sabrina Claudio, Jhene Aiko, Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, and Doja Cat.

The Napoli-American project will be distributed by Pulp Records of Salvo Gulino and Ingrooves/Universal.

“Ragazza Facile” marks a significant step in Lizzul’s journey to reshape the narrative of womanhood through her music, setting the stage for her upcoming concept project and asserting her place in Italy’s R&B/Soul market.

Watch the video for “Ragazza Facile” below!


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