Italian Producer Capiuz Shares Personal New Project ‘Newfound Intimacy’

Italian producer Capiuz, renowned for his experimental approach to dance music, embarks on a deeply personal journey with his latest album, Newfound Intimacy.

This project signifies a departure from Capiuz’s typical production style, delving into a realm that marries techno sensibilities with a profoundly introspective touch. The album, composed in an old wooden room, is characterized by its rich emotional tapestry, woven through the use of found footage material that lends a voyeuristic, lo-fi quality across its eight tracks.

Newfound Intimacy explores a spectrum of soundscapes, from distorted and detuned synths to ethereal and intangible melodies. The dance tracks are influenced by micro-house and witch-house, while the beatless compositions float in a realm of emotional synthesis.

A standout feature of the album is its incorporation of field recordings, notably in the title track, where an unedited silent recording of the artist’s studio serves as a haunting backdrop, enhancing the album’s fragile and distant atmospheres.

Capiuz, the alias of Luca Favaro, has positioned this album as a reflection on intimacy, not just through its thematic content but also in its production methodology. The track titles such as “Blank, No Memories,” “Feeding Live Food,” and “Found A Bucket In The Forest,” suggest a narrative that is both personal and universal, inviting listeners into a world of introspection and nostalgia.

Released on February 9, Newfound Intimacy promises to be a seminal work in Capiuz’s discography. Favaro, both a producer and performer, has a history of genre-merging productions that challenge and redefine the boundaries of dance music.

With Newfound Intimacy, he continues to evolve, offering listeners an old tape that feels simultaneously reflective and vibrant, a testament to the album’s intricate balance of mood and texture.

Listen to the project below!


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