German-American Artist BB Thomaz Unveils New Track ‘Head Up High’

Explore the captivating world of BB Thomaz, a multi-talented German-American artist hailing from New York. Recently, she unveiled her latest single “Head Up High,” an emotive fusion of R&B and Pop infused with Afrobeat notes, creating an intimate and touching musical experience.

This new song delves into BB Thomaz’s personal journey through the loss of her father, a profoundly emotional experience that she shares with poignant sincerity. Despite the melancholic nuances, the song conveys a message of strength and positivity, paying a moving tribute to love and memory. Collaborating with the German Afrobeat star, Jean-Cyrille, the track forms a genuine musical embrace.

BB Thomaz, a versatile artist, is also a composer and producer. A graduate in musicology from the University of Munich, she taught herself to play the piano and guitar. Her path has not been easy, having endured years of physical and mental violence, she had to flee at the age of 16 to take control of her destiny. Despite these obstacles, BB Thomaz has proven to be an exceptional artist, drawing comparisons to icons such as Beyonce and Ariana Grande.

Her remarkable voice is not her only asset. A former model, fitness enthusiast, and music lover, BB Thomaz combines different talents in a unique and fascinating way to express herself as an artist and an individual.

The breakout song “Don’t Go missing,” was produced in collaboration with Kyle K2 Stewart II, a nominee for the 2016 Grammy Awards, and won the Rock & Pop Prize in 2016. In addition to her musical success, BB Thomaz won the final of The Voice of Germany, opening doors to collaborations with renowned artists like Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, and Ed Sheeran.

Currently, BB Thomaz is participating in the pre-round of the Eurovision Song Contest to represent Germany. Her artistic commitment is reflected in her songs, which tell deep and meaningful stories of strength, healing, hope, and emotional survival.

In conclusion, immerse yourself in the captivating world of BB Thomaz by listening to her latest single, a moving piece that showcases her artistic power and resilience. Let yourself be carried away by this enchanting fusion of R&B and Pop, available now.

Listen to “Head Up High” below!


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