Italian Songwriter Anthony Lazaro Releases New Song ‘Puzzle Pieces’

Anthony Lazaro has released a new song called “Puzzle Pieces” on April 27, 2023. His creation “Puzzle Pieces” is a soulful ballad song created to bring deliverance and consolation and a inner-peace. Inspired by legendary authors such as Bruno Major, Daniel Caesar, Al Green and more.

It’s romantic, sexy vibes is an invitation to a total immersion in a world free of our fears and the stresses of life, thus serving as a loophole where reign in us, tranquility and benevolence.

“Puzzle Piece” houses and preserves the intimacy of listeners underlined by whispers and at the same time managed to gather the greatest numbers through its invitation to sharing personal experinces guided by music.

Thus recreating a universe that will again allow his fans to face their difficulties as thanks to his previous works Gravity and Small Rainbows, and deepen the closeness with his fans.

Going from indie folk to jazz pop, from electro-pop to R & B, one ofAnthony Lazaro’s greatest strengths lies in his versatility.

His musical inspirations, including Nick Drake, Elliot Smith Queen, Devendra Banhart and Nina Simone, allowing him to explore a wide range of emotions that cross Men such as desire and love, while retaining his singular style.

Moreover, Anthony Lazaro gathered now 500k monthly listeners on Spotify, with over 50 Million streams worldwide., you might heard his work on Americain series, through the famous K-Pop band BTS and last but not least the Italian based in Germany is expecting to sent on the moon as part of the Lunar Codex project one of his track.

Listen to “Puzzle Piece” below!


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