‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Season 10, Episode 7 – Mac Kills His Dad | TV Review


From the title of this episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia alone, it’ll be clear that this episode will skew towards the black end of the comedy scale. There’s heavy stuff from the get go, with a ferry crash and an attempted suicide by Bill Ponderosa (Lance Barber). What we learn by the end of the episode however, is that the gang’s efforts usually have the opposite effect of what they intend.


What’s interesting is that the A and B plots are total opposites in terms of plot and outcome. Mac and Charlie (Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day) play detective to try and get his dad off the hook. This only serves to make things worse, as it comes off as witness intimidation when Mac plays bad cop. Meanwhile Dennis, Dee, and Frank (Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito) at first try to stop Bill killing himself but soon give up after it seemed like too much work, and do the opposite instead. Their efforts however, are thwarted by a t-shirt.


Mac and his dad (Gregory Scott Cummins), who I think doesn’t blink in this episode either, have an interesting relationship. Mac clearly idolizes his father and even emulates his appearance with his slicked back hair and beard. His father was never around (he was incarcerated most of that time) and his mother barely moves or speaks, so he’s overcompensated so to speak in his behaviour. He acts tough and loud because that’s how he thinks he’s going to get the attention he so desperately needs from his parents. What’s tragic though is that he’s never going to get it no matter how loud and tough he is. His parents just don’t care.


The highlight of the episode comes in the form of Maureen Ponderosa (Catherine Reitman) who seems to be going on a similar trajectory to Cricket since she got involved with the gang. She’s transforming herself into a cat with Dennis’ alimony and instead of discouraging her, like any sane and caring people would, Frank and Dee encourage her to go further. And they do all this to spite Dennis, who would be paying for it. This is an episode you need to watch. Season 10 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is now available on Netflix.



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