Ja Rule Angry At Wikipedia For Getting His Height Wrong | Music News



Ja Rule has taken to Twitter to criticize the user-written website Wikipedia for stating his height incorrectly. He tweeted that “Wikipedia is the most inaccurate s**t ever lol how are they still in business???“, presumably not grasping the concept of the website. Ja is claiming that the site states he is 5’6 tall when he is actually 5’9. In a tweet aimed directly at Wikipedia, he demanded his three inches back.


We will have to see if Ja can be the bigger man and rise above the situation and accept the fact he may never be awarded those missing inches. Thankfully this already appears hopeful as, rather than becoming overly enraged, it seems that Ja has seen the funny side of the situation; tweeting a retort claiming that he will make up the height difference by standing on his wallet as well as a mug shot of himself showing his height.




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