‘The Great British Bake Off’ Season 6, Episode 4 – Cake | TV Review



The signature challenge in this episode of The Great British Bake Off involved making a cake without sugar. The technical challenge was to make a pitta without gluten and the show stopper was to create an ice cream roll. It seems this week was the week of absence. However, it was not lacking drama.


The Lithuanian body builder, Ugne, lost her strength when it came to the cake and it quite simply collapsed on presentation in two out of three of the tasks. With some magnificently presented desserts, it was always going to be a good week. Words such as ‘beautiful’, ‘stunning’, and ‘magnificent’ were thrown around by Paul, but sadly it was not enough for Ugne who was voted out.


She said, as she was departing, that “I had so many best moments in the tent, I enjoyed the journey from the beginning. If I had to single out a moment, it would be getting approval from Mary [Berry] and Paul [Hollywood] that really would make my day. I pour my heart into my baking and when the judges praised me it gave me confidence and boosted my self-esteem”.


Paul is definitely one to watch as his showstopper, which included a bikini clad woman, was incredibly presented and ‘immaculate’ to taste. Ian was still on top form in his final task and came out with glittering reviews by the end. Star baker went to Nadia who has been marked as a favourite from the beginning.


This episode was probably so good in comparison to last week because the different tasks involved so many different skills and techniques – and even more so because cakes melted in front of our eyes. Sorry Ugne, but your failure was the show’s success.



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