Jacob Banks – Unknown (To You) | Music Video


The British singer-songwriter Jacob Banks has just released the music video for his track “Unknown (To You)” which is taken from his upcoming album The Village.


Since its recent release, this song has received critical acclaim. The New York Times is just one of the tastemakers that have supported this song, describing it with positive words such as a “grandly abject apology“, and “a gospelly dirge with tolling piano chords and swelling strings behind his ever more desperate baritone growl“.


Indeed it was premiered as a World First by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 and featured as one of the best releases of the week.


Now we also have the clip. Here we can see how Jacob, who has written and co-directed the video, depicting the fragile relationship between a father and a son, struggling to express their love for one another, constricted by cultural norms that dictate how a man should act.


It can be difficult for men to express their emotions and convey affection, but no one ever talks about it. It’s a masculinity thing but also a cultural thing, and I think many – especially those who grew up in immigrant households – will relate to the dynamic between the father and son in the video.


My dad is an immigrant, and even though he is present in my everyday life and I know he cares about me, it’s hard for him to show his love as a parent. ‘Unknown (To You)’ is a song that evokes abandonment, regret, and hopelessness, and I wanted to create a storyline that shows just how hard it can be to communicate emotion and really open up“, explains the singer.


From the 12th of October to October 30, Jacob will be performing on his Into The Wild Tour, starting in London and finishing in Birmingham. Watch the music video for “Unknown (To You)” below.




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