Jade Jackson – Motorcycle | Music Video


Anti has announced the signing of “unapologetically country rock” musician, Jade Jackson. Californian Jackson began playing guitar and writing songs at 13, and estimates that she had written over 300 songs before she graduated. Social Distortion frontman, Mike Ness, produced her debut album and latest track, “Motorcycle”.


“Motorcycle” has a wistful triumph to it, the guitar an undercurrent to help deliver the vocal performance. It evokes travel though, instead of horseback on country roads, it is perhaps on aboard a motorcycle. Hence the song title. It rings out, perhaps the reverberation of a motorcycle as it rumbles into the distance.


The visuals are shot in black and white, the screen opening to the face of Jackson. It is largely a band performance video, with blurring effect to perhaps convey being lost out in the sticks. Light does shine, but seems to convey contrast rather than anything else. That blurring effect seems to syncopate with that motorcycle as it rumbles into the distance.




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