The Ultraviolet – All I Need Is To Be Needed | Music Video


Four piece Lincolnshire rockers, The Ultraviolet, will be releasing their new EP, entitled The Tales Of Our Youth, on Tuesday, March 21. See the track listing for The Tales Of Our Youth at the bottom of this article, with the artwork the image above. The track “All I Need Is To Be Needed” is a hint of what to come.


“All I Need Is To Be Needed” rings in sizeably before scratchy guitar, driving bass and drum commence. That latter rhythm section really lock in tight rhythms for a reasonably stripped back verse. This then builds up back into spirited fashion. The chorus is impassioned, sung with real feeling, the subsequent guitar solo equally triumphant.


Visuals, courtesy of D3ad PiXe15 Photography, are the day in the life of a girl in secondary school. She opens the door to find a gift addressed to her. She then goes to school and has the typical drama with the boyfriend interspersed with the performance of the song by the band. She has sunk to the bottom, before deciding to open said gift. Her day has been saved.



The Tales Of Our Youth Track Listing:


1. You’re Better On Your Own
2. Signal Flare
3. I Wrote You A Letter
4. Wake Up Dead
5. All I Need Is To Be Needed



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