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Recent face of Louis Vuitton womenswear, Jaden Smith has just dropped some new clothing for his line MSFTSrep. The 17-year-old took to social media last night to share images of new T-shirts and a new song with rapper Kid Cudi. Smith’s new tees feature philosopher Martin Luther’s face.


The young designer released Instagram photos showcasing the new Martin Luther T-shirts. One of the tees are nailed to a wooden door in a photo to which he explains in the caption, “We nailed it to this metaphorical church door to say you can be a modern day Martin Luther. So before you wear this T-shirt, know that you are a walking symbol for this Movement Of Truth. The revolution starts now. Welcome“.


The inspiration for using Luther stems from Smith’s interest in philosophy, so much that he is writing his own book. If you are unfamiliar with Luther’s work Smith offers an explanation in a caption for another photo: “Martin Luther is A MSFT“, he writes. “He saw a flaw in the system and he exposed it, which gave power to the people. He stood for the truth“.


With the connections Jaden Smith has been able to gain and all he has achieved by the age of 17 it would definitely be a good idea to keep an eye on whats to come from the young model, designer, musician and icon. You can shop the shirts at the MSFTrep online shop now.






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