Jake Gyllenhaal & Dennis Villeneuve Collaborate Again On New Thriller ‘Enemy’ | Film Trailer


This new Dennis Villeneuve-directed film Enemy follows a university lecturer named Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal) who tries to seek out his exact lookalike otherwise known as a doppelganger, after seeing him in a movie. It’s the frequent situation most people find themselves in, have your friends or family members ever sworn that they have seen you somewhere when you were not there?


The thriller story starts off quite innocently with Adam seeking his doppelganger thinking he has either a long lost twin brother or distant family relative. After speaking with his mother, played by Isabella Rossellini, he starts to become confused as it is revealed this man cannot be related to him. His “obsessions” start innocently from a phone call, then to following his lookalikes partner, to a confrontation in a hotel room. This is a film with many plot twists that will have you guessing to the very end. Enemy will be in cinemas in March 2014.




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