David Schwimmer Will Play Lead Role In New TV Show ‘Irreversible’ | TV News

David Schwimmer plays lead role in ‘Irreversible’ pilot


Comedy actor David Schwimmer is most known for his role as Ross in the US sitcom Friends. He will be playing the leading role in a forthcoming TV show titled Irreversible, as Andy, part of an eccentric, self-involved couple and the tricky situations they find themselves in due to their own actions.


The comedy TV show from Sony Pictures TV and Peter Tolan, is based upon the popular Israeli series Bilti Hafich which has been renewed for a second series in Isreal. Original series writer and co-creator Segahl Avin is co-writing the ABC adapation while Schwimmer will also act as a producer for the show.


Since his time on Friends, Scwimmer has featured in several films, often working behind the camera. He directed British comedy ‘Run Fat Boy Run’ and drama Trust, which focuses on a teenage girl who is groomed over the internet by an older man. The pilot for his new TV show will air on the ABC channel and depending on the success of the pilot, it will determine whether the show will continue.



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