Jake Gyllenhaal Stars In Dramatic New Trailer For ‘Southpaw’ | Film Trailer


The new trailer for Antoine Fuqua‘s boxing drama Southpaw is out and sees Jake Gyllenhaal having grown some serious muscles for the leading role. Gyllenhaal stars as a left handed boxer whose rise to the top is interrupted by the destruction of his personal life. The trailer gives away a huge part of the narrative but the rest of it looks seriously good.


Recent films with similar narratives to this one like Warrior and The Fighter have been smash hits so I’m excited to see what Fuqua will bring to make this one stand out. Gyllenhaal’s commitment to his character blew me away in Nightcrawler so if we get anything close to that in this movie, we’re in for a real treat. With enough drama and emotional turmoil, I’m looking forward to seeing what Gyllenhaal can do with this damages, disturbed character. Southpaw hits theatres on July 31.



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