James Cameron Wants To Defy Expectations With ‘Avatar’ Sequels | Film News



Ah yes, Avatar – the film that seemingly the whole world went to see, and yet, 6 years on, nobody really talks about. Even before the film was released, it’s director, James Cameron had expressed his desires to make his fictional science fiction universe a huge multi-film and media spanning series (some may remember the ambitious online video game which was set to be released alongside the original film), and it seems that he hasn’t given up on his vision.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cameron – who is currently sitting pretty with films at number 1 (Avatar) and 2 (Titanic) at the all time worldwide box office – was keen to point out that he was well aware of the challenge he faced in topping Avatar, and that he wants to make sure that everybody knows that “it wasn’t just some big fluke the first time”.


He also confirmed that the scripts for three Avatar sequels are nearly finished, and that all three will be filming simultaneously, with Avatar 2 arriving in 2017. Hopefully with the films being shot back to back, we won’t have to wait until 2033 to see Avatar 4.



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