James Gandolfini & Tom Hardy Star In Thriller ‘The Drop’ | Film Trailer

James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy star in ‘The Drop’ trailer


Tom Hardy and the late James Gandolfini star in the new trailer for the thriller film The Drop. It tells the story of bartender Bob Saginowski played by Tom Hardy who funnels money to gangsters, known as “money drops”. The activity predominantly takes place in bars in Brooklyn, New York. He works for his cousin Marv (James Gandolfini) and finds himself in trouble when he gets involved in a robbery.


This is the last film Gandolfini starred in before passing away in 2013 and the film also stars Noomie Rapace, Matthis Schoenaerts, Joan Ortiz, Ann Dowd and James Frecheville. The film is directed by Micahel Roskam and written by Dennie Lehane. The film will premiere in the UK on November 14, 2014.




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