Broadway Star Cory Michael Smith Cast As The Riddler In ‘Gotham’ | TV News

Cory Michael Smith to play The Riddler in ‘Gotham’ TV show


U.S Broadway star Cory Michael Smith has been cast as villain The Riddler in the upcoming FOX TV series Gotham. The actor will also play the villain’s alter-ego Edward Nygma. The character will be introduced in the new ‘Gotham’ pilot, starting as a forensics expert who helps Detective Gordon and his partner.


Nygma speaks in riddles in everyday speech and when helping the detectives in their investigation, which begins to irritate them. His character is depicted in the series way before he takes on the villainous alter-ego of The Riddler. Bruno Heller wrote the script for this pilot which introduces one of Batman’s most revered enemies. Other villains and characters that will be seen in the TV show are The Penguin played by Robin Lord Taylor, Catwoman played by Camren Bicondova and Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney.



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