James Ponsoldt Will Direct ‘Inconstant Moon’ Adaptation | Film News


Following the success of Arrival, a sci-fi film based off a short story, another sci-fi film based off a short story is being put in motion. James Ponsoldt (The End Of The Tour, The Spectacular Now, Smashed) is in line to direct the adaptation of Larry Niven‘s 1971 story Inconstant Moon.


Shawn Levy‘s 21 Laps will produce. The last film they were involved with? Arrival. It all comes full circle.


Inconstant Moon is included in Niven’s short story collection, All The Myriad Ways, with the title originating in William Shakespeare‘s Romeo & Juliet.


The synopsis states: “This story raises the question: How would you spend your last night on Earth? When the Moon suddenly starts shining brighter, Stan and Leslie realise the sun must have gone nova and they only have a few hours until the Earth rotates into the deadly sunshine”.


Sounds intriguing. Ponsoldt’s last two films have been fantastic, and the idea of him at the helm of a huge, meditative sci-fi in the vein of Arrival sounds terrific. The film will be penned by Daniel Casey and will be produced by 21 Laps, Created By and 1978 Pictures.


Until then, Ponsoldt will release The Circle, an adaptation of the Dave Eggers novel of the same name, sometime in 2017. A director to be excited about.



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