Jamie Lane + Naji – Say It Again | New Music


Australian artist Jamie Lane is starting the year with a bang! Not only can we expect his debut EP Minimal Haze very soon but we also have been given officially a first taste of what is to come with his brilliant brand new single “Say It Again” featuring vocal talent of American singer-songwriter NAJI.


A warm, dreamy atmosphere engulfs the track. It’s bubbly, ethereal in parts and is a sweet concoction of electro-R&B. Not to mention the low-lying groove that make it a perfect track for perfect weather. NAJI’s smooth vocal performance fuels the track while Lane’s intriguingly mixed voice adds contrast. But with all its pop, “Say It Again” is Jamie Lane’s powerful anthem of perseverance and overcoming.


“Although the track has easy going vibe it’s lyrically a fairly personal song. There are a few themes running through it but the main one is; trying to establish real confidence through drive & will, instead of through the validation from others, which always leads back to self-doubt & depression.”



“The main line being ‘too late to say it again’ refers to me refusing to continue telling myself I’m not good enough to make it, because I know now it’s not true, but an outdated pattern of thinking to push myself and to keep progressing.”



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