Jamie Lee & Jon Heder To Star In Comedy ‘Plan B’

Per Deadline, Jamie Lee (Crashing) and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) will star in comedy film Plan B for Joke Zero and Future Proof Films.

First time writer-director Brandon Tamburri is helming the project, which also features Tom Berenger and Shannon Elizabeth.

Not to be confused with the Booksmart-esque 2021 comedy of the same name – although that seems destined to happen – this film follows the rebellious Piper, who drunkenly sleeps with her awkward neighbor she hardly knows, Evan, and winds up pregnant. When she attempts to tell Evan the news, she quickly realizes that he’s not the long-term guy for her and her baby.

Going against the advice of her best friend Maya, Piper opts to keep the pregnancy a secret until she can find a more successful guy to sleep with and ultimately start a ‘family’ with. After a few failed comical attempts at finding a match, Piper stumbles into Cameron, a regular at the café she works at.

Everything appears to be going according to plan as Cameron quickly falls for Piper and is onboard for the pregnancy. However, Piper’s nefarious scheme starts to unravel when she begins to second guess herself and realize that she might be making the biggest mistake of her life.

Director Tamburri said in a statement: “This is a project that is very personal to me and I’m excited to finally share it with the world. I was fortunate enough to work with a phenomenal crew and this cast is honestly a dream. I’m equally thrilled to launch my company Joke Zero, where I plan to make comedic content for years to come.”

The film sounds a little like 2010 Jason Bateman/Jennifer Aniston comedy The Switch but from a different perspective. It’s a premise that could lead to a lot of laughs if done right. Filming has reportedly wrapped after shooting in New Jersey, but no release date is currently set.


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