Japanese Group Albatross Releases New Single ‘ESCAPE’

ESCAPE” is the first single from the 9 Songs project of Japanese group Albatross, where one song will be released per month, for nine months.

The influence of ’80s Japanese funk on the band is very prominent in this sound, and it’s a real treat for the ears! Just listening to it, you can imagine yourself riding in a taxi at night, admiring the illuminated buildings of Tokyo.

This five-piece group weaves anthemic songs of the Japanese 2023 era while delving into the origins of City Pop, AOR, and Urban Soul.

As a live band, they have developed a unique sound that combines the message of leader Hiroshi Kaifu with the swell of soul and R&B-derived grooves, encouraging audience members to lean in and engage in conversation.

Kaifu (Vo), Ichimi (Gt), and Kobayashi, three high school buddies, founded the band in Nagoya in 1998. (Ba).
Later, the current lineup was completed by Dr. Ohno and Key Shimazaki.

The band at the time played more than 100 live gigs a year around Japan. Shimazaki, Ichimi, and Ohno, however, quit the band in the late 2000s. Following their final live concert in 2009, the band underwent a lineup change, restarted their activities, and then went on hiatus.

After that, they were inactive for more than 10 years  until 2022 when they resumed their activities.  They released their first EP in 12 years titled ECHOED.

The year is now 2023, and after resuming their activities, they announced a new project, 9 Chants, in which they will release 9 newly created songs in a row over a period of 9 months.

“ESCAPE”, the top of the 9 Chants series was released on February 15, and we can’t wait for next month to hear the next single.

Listen to “ESCAPE” below:


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