Jason Bateman And Rebeccal Hall To Star In Horror Flick ‘The Gift’ | Film News


Bygones be bygones, probably down as one of my favorite quotes and it’s making a special appearance in the new shock horror film The Gift due to debut in cinemas this August. Starring Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall, the film begins with an introduction to a happily married couple as they move into their new house.


Following an encounter with an old high school friend, husband Simon and his Wife Robyn’s life begins to tailspin into a grave series of events. As Simon’s estranged friend, Gordon, begins harassing the couple with gifts and uninvited regular visits, history begins to unravel, shedding light on a long kept secret. As Simon’s past catches up with him, Robyn is left to question how well she knows her spouse.


With a horrifying realization that Gordon’s incessant habit of informing Simon that he will no longer let bygones be bygones (a phrase similarly related to ‘letting the past go’), the couple is lead into fear, following tormenting visits from Gordon along with videos and gifts that leave them desperate for help. Set to be released on August 7, I’m excited to go and see it for myself. With a great actor like Bateman accompanied by Rebecca Hall, the film is guaranteed to be a thriller you won’t regret watching.




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