‘Humans’ Season 1 – When Living With Robots Goes Wrong? | TV Review


Debuting last month on Channel Four, following a series of adverts that left the public both excited and confused, Humans graced our screens with an elusive start. Several weeks leading up to its premiere, a number of adverts that advertised the possibility of purchasing a real life robot frequently showed up on Channel Four. Revealing only the name, ‘synthetic humans’ and a preview of what they’re capable of, many people took to social media to talk about it.


A clever ploy by British writers Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, meant that Humans was already a hot topic before it was even released. Through a quick google search, synthetic humans revealed that it was in fact a new TV drama due to start in June.


After religiously keeping up with the show that is already five episodes in to its 8-episode series, I’m more than impressed with it. Intended to give an insight on what life with robots could be like, the show starts with a family living in suburban London, who purchase their very own ‘synth’, called Anita. Suspicions grow as the series goes on, as we learn more and more about this particular synth, and we begin to speculate whether she is more than just a robot.


Exploring both positive and negative attitudes to their existence, it gives an extremely interesting perspective on our modern day technology. It even makes me question whether Siri is JUST a friendly voice activated robot. This unique take on award winning drama Real Humans can make even the most close minded techno-phobe change their mind. As paths begin to cross and danger in the city increases, can we really be sure synths are as safe as they’re advertised?


From what I’ve seen, I definitely don’t like the idea of a robot living with me. I think I’ll stick to other humans for social interaction for now. The question is, would you buy one? Episode six of the debut season will air on the 19th of July, but if you’ve missed any previous episodes, you can catch up here.



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