Jeff Nichols’ ‘Alien Nation’ Remake Hits A Snag At Disney | Film News


Three years ago, Midnight Special director Jeff Nichols signed on to helm a remake of 1988’s Alien Nation. That deal was made with Fox. However, now that Disney owns Fox, they seem to have different plans. The studio has shelved the project, “for now”, per THR.


It seemed like the perfect project for the Midnight Special director. The original film introduced The Newcomers, an alien race who landed on Earth and were forced to live among the distrustful human population. James Caan‘s police officer is partnered with a Newcomer, and they must solve a homicide together.


The project is not totally dead though. Insiders insist that it’s merely “paused”, and will likely be revisited at some point. That likely spells the end of Nichols’ involvement though, which is disappointing considering this clear love for the original film. Last year, before the merger, Nichols had mentioned that his film would be “epic” and the “biggest canvas I’ve ever painted on”.


“I put so much of myself into it”, Nichols added. Those passionate words indicate that he won’t give up on his Alien Nation too easily, but if the project is on hold for years, he’ll probably have to move on at some point. That’s if Disney even decides to make it.



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