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I always end up drunk and disappointed“. So spake Jennifer Lawrence of New Year’s Eve; a time to reflect on the past year, to look to the future, and to get blind drunk at a last-minute and inevitably dull party. Needless to say her hatred of New Year’s Eve is understandable.


Appearing on The Graham Norton Show alongside Eddie Redmayne, Lawrence revealed her exasperation with the night claiming: “I really hate it. I’ve never had a good one – everyone’s chasing a good time and it’s always a disappointment“. She then rounded off the statement with a quip, saying: “Drunk and Disappointed should be the title of my memoir!” This is the book I have always needed but never knew I wanted.


Lawrence is currently promoting her latest film, Joy. Once again teaming up with director David O. Russell and actors Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, Joy will be released January 1, 2016 in the U.K. To hear Lawrence speak more on her latest project and to hear of Oscar-worthy The Danish Girl from the equally award-deserving Eddie Redmayne, tune in to BBC One at 10.45pm on Friday.

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