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San Francisco musician Jeremy Saunders has just released his debut single, “Proud”, utilizing 80’s vibes and synths to put a fresh spin on Contemporary Christian Music in a way that is accessible to people across all faith backgrounds.


I immediately got drawn to this one because of my faith, and the lyrics really resonate with me, especially the chorus. It’s an uplifting and hopeful message overall, with lyrics like “You take my hand and lead me somewhere the world can’t touch me, somewhere the world can’t find me / I’m falling in to your confidence till everything starts turning“. Musically, it truly gets going in the second verse, with minimalist yet infectious synths and drums led instrumentation.


Saunders is a 20-year old worship leader on staff at Menlo Church, who is passionate about people and hopes his music reaches an audience of not just church attenders, but people across the world, who are hungry for a glimpse of positivity. A product of Berklee College of Music, Jeremy Saunders wants to bring a fresh vibe to Contemporary Christian Music, and he uses retro instrumentation in an effort to make Jesus famous in the modern day.


Speaking about the inspiration for his music, Saunders says, “I utilized retro synths and 80s/Indie vibes to throw a fresh spin on Christian music. My goal was to just create music that captures the ear of even non-religious people“.




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