Jeremy Scott – One Of Fashion’s Brightest Spark In 2014 | Fashion News


Jeremy Scott didn’t fail to surprise again this year, his interpretation of American Cultural mash-ups were some of our favourite moments of this year. A true visionary who has set himself apart from the competition, his Spring ‘fast food’ collection for Moschino was described as being “bright, brash and ingenious“, and that was just his clothes. His clothes suggest a form of escapism and he’s nothing short of a trapeze artists when it comes to displaying what he interprets as reality. In a time where bold meets brash, anything which Jeremy Scott produces suggests a curiosity into all things pop. Miley Cyrus headlined at his show this year and has become synonymous with the fashion scene. It’s no surprise that Scott snapped her up. We look forward to seeing more of Scott’s creations in 2015 and beyond.



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