Jessa V Captivates With ‘Missed Connection’ From Her New EP

The talented Jessa V has just released her latest single, “Missed Connection”, as part of her new EP called The EP. This much-anticipated release showcases Jessa’s unique blend of musical genres and her exceptional talent as a composer and arranger.

“Missed Connection” is a standout track, inspired by a true story of a serendipitous encounter in New York City that felt like fate, but didn’t come to fruition. This song captures the essence of those fleeting moments of connection that many experience in the bustling metropolis.

The track features elevated elements of Jessa’s musical training, combining soaring sounds and smart lyricism to create a memorable and relatable piece.

Jessa V, an Italian/American musical artist and New York native, blends Jazz, Pop, Soul, R&B, and Classical music into a fresh, innovative sound. Her original works provide an intimate glimpse into her essence, filled with relatable tales and memorable melodies. Jessa earned dual bachelor’s degrees in music from the Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University, reflecting her deep commitment to her craft.

Accompanying her on this musical journey is her band, The Fringe, consisting of Mark Klett on piano, Pat Oberstaedt on bass, Tonie Nguyen on guitar, and Chris Latona on drums. Each member is a talented touring professional, and together, they create a sophisticated blend of soaring sounds and unique arrangements.

Her current EP is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting year for this talented artist. Her goal is to gain feedback, build a network, and establish a reputation as a songwriter and artist.

Don’t miss out on this incredible new release! Listen to “Missed Connection” and the rest of Jessa V’s EP now.


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