Leicester Artist Shivani Day Releases New Single ‘Blue Car’

Leicester-born, London-based artist Shivani Day has released her new single, “Blue Car,” via FAMM. The song delves into themes of self-worth and closure, providing a deep look into Shivani’s inner thoughts and emotions.

Co-produced with 23Sunz, who has worked with artists like BXKS and Joe James, “Blue Car” features a textured soundscape that complements Shivani’s distinctive vocals. The cinematic feel of the track draws inspiration from the film TRON, with its pulsating ice-blue palette featured in the music video directed by Jay Green, known for his work with Biig Piig and Lava La Rue.

Shivani has spent the past three years developing a sound that merges her South Asian heritage with a variety of musical influences and a refined interplay between instrumentation and vocals.

“Blue Car” began as a freestyle in 2022, allowing Shivani to use her voice as an instrument and craft the song’s final sound in an abstract way. Created during the summer, the song pairs a dark beat and lyrics with a sense of lightness, allowing the production to shine.

From a young age, Shivani displayed independence and introspection, guided by her father’s eclectic taste in music. She was exposed to a wide range of genres, including Chicago House, Latin, Jazz, Euro Electronic, Reggae, and Gregorian chant.

Excelling in Kathak and Bollywood dance during her pre-teens, she developed a deep appreciation for artistry. While studying International Relations at university, Shivani taught herself to DJ, performing across the UK, including a set at Boiler Room in Nottingham.

Shivani’s songwriting journey began with the mentorship of singer Shaé Universe, helping her blend elements of Electronica, Trip-hop, and Alternative R&B. Her music, influenced by artists like Sade, Aaliyah, Massive Attack, Nelly Furtado, Lana Del Rey, and Grace Jones, offers a transcendent listening experience.

Following her debut single “Rhetoric” last month, which garnered attention from BBC East Midlands Introducing, COLORS, Clash, and Wonderland, Shivani is now focused on a larger project set for release this summer.

Watch the music video for “Blue Car” below!


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