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Jesse Eisenberg has voiced his opinions on film critics in a recent article for The New Yorker, and apparently he isn’t their biggest fan. The 32-year old Social Network star posed as an amateur critic for the piece, where he attempted to parody a lazy and self centred style of journalism in a review for a fictional film.


Titled An Honest Film Review, Eisenberg seems to be commenting on how contemporary critics often push their personal opinion into reviews; as he sees it, detracting from the art discussed and focusing on irrelevant, self obsessed vanities. The article only touches upon the film being critiqued, focusing mainly on the author’s journey to the advanced screening, the attractive lady there from the studio involved, and even visits to the bathroom.


Some critics have seen the piece as an unveiled attack on their profession, while others have taken it with a pinch of salt. Speaking to Fox News, Variety’s chief critic Justin Chang said, “I wasn’t angry at all. Is it an attack? No, it’s not a very good or sharp attack but I think that’s overstating it to say. I think in general, critics need to be thick skinned and need to be not personally offended by this in the slightest. It’s kind of funny to me because in a weird way, as some of my colleagues have pointed out, Jesse Eisenberg has basically turned critics into a stereotypical Jesse Eisenberg character“.


For me, even if the article is an attack on contemporary film criticism, it relies too heavily on a substance-less stereotype; who discusses their bath room breaks in an article? I mean, my last trip to the toilet was fairly interesting; but that’s just because my cat has taken to leaving me presents in the bath. Poor mouse…



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