Jessica Pratt – On Your Own Love Again (Album Stream) | New Music


A few years ago Jessica Pratt emerged with her self-titled album, her distinctive yet delicate voice attracted the attention of Birth Records, where her first album was released. Now she has returned with a brand new album entitled On You Own Love Again, which follows through perfectly from where her debut left off. On Your Own Love Again offers a delicate yet reflective approach. The album consists of nine songs, most feature Jessica and her acoustic guitar, with the occasional keyboard touches, as well as some adventures multi-tracking vocals and mesmerizing and bewitching melodies. The cover is in colour and consist’s of Jessica standing on a fire escape in front of a red brick office block. The beautifully titled track is brief but in a way wrap’s up the album, overall On Your Own Love Again‘ is a mesmerizing yet bewitching listen. Stream it in full on NPR.



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