Jessie J Celebrates ‘Who You Are’ 10th Anniversary And Discusses Upcoming Album | Music News


For the 10th anniversary of her first album Who You Are, British pop star Jessie J spoke with Billboard Pop Shop Podcast to talk about her first chart-topping single and her upcoming fifth studio album with Ryan Tedder.


Through this podcast, she reminisced over the highlights of her career such as initially writing “Do It Like A Dude” for Rihanna before keeping it for herself, or writing one of the biggest songs from Miley Cyrus “Party In The USA”.


Moreover, she revealed precious pieces of information about the new album she has been working on with her old friend Ryan Tedder. About the untitled fifth album, she said: “There’s a lot of honesty in there because obviously, I’ve lived a lot of life that people want to know about.


“I’ve always been controversial without being offensive, I like to stand on the edge but not fall off. I like to bleed out and make people stand in the middle of their f—ing sh–, good and bad, as I do that for myself.”


With this new music and upcoming album, she is ready to see if it will be as successful as Who You Are. What a great challenge for the singer-songwriter!


She did not reveal the release date yet but made a joke about it, saying: “These songs are not for a turtleneck, you know what I’m saying?”


We are thrilled to learn more about this future project which seems to be soon delivered!



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